View of a flat tire being changed

How to change a flat tire in your Nissan?

DIY Flat Tire Changing Tips for your Nissan 

You are calmly listening to music and driving on the road, suddenly you hear a pop and notice you have a flat tire. It looks like rain and there is no help nearby. Are you worried? Don’t be. Join us at San Leandro Nissan in San Leandro, CA, to learn DIY flat tire changing tips for your Nissan. These tips will help you fix your flat tire situation, and you can be back on the road with no worries and continue your journey at your own pace. Continue reading to learn the steps to change the flat tire.  

Steps to Change a Flat Tire 

Step 1: From the luggage compartment, access your owner’s manual, the spare tire, the jack, and the wrench.  

Step 2: Turn on the hazard light and engage the parking brake.  

Step 3: Fix the jack in the crevice.  

Step 4: Remove hubcap. 

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Image of a lug wrench being used
Image of a jack being used

Step 5: Loosen the lug nuts.  

Step 6: Raise the vehicle.  

Step 7: Remove the nuts and pull the tire towards you to free it.  

Step 8: Place the spare tire and fix the nuts.  

Step 9: Lower the vehicle.  

Step 10: Tighten the nuts and replace the hubcap.  

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Check the tire pressure using a tire pressure monitor or gauge and maintain it at the optimal pressure mark according to the owner’s manual. Visit the nearest service station to address any other problems.  

If you are in the San Leandro, CA region, drop in at San Leandro Nissan for a service visit. You can also shop for tires at the dealership and avail of the service specials on your visits to the service center. Our team of experts are at your service.